Support the People of Beirut

Curated resources to provide meaningful assistance to the people of Beirut after the explosion at the port that killed hundreds, injured thousands and has displaced over 300,000 people.


The Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross is Lebanon's main provider of ambulances. The organisation has set up triage and first aid stations to treat victims with non-critical injuries and has dispatched emergency medical teams to rescue and evacuate victims in the area.

Donate to the Red Cross

Impact Lebanon

Impact Lebanon, a non-profit organisation, is a social incubator for driven Lebanese around the world. The organisation aims to enable the Lebanese community to mobilise more effectively; share knowledge, resources and expertise and make activism accessible, impactful and sustainable for the Lebanese diaspora.

Impact Lebanon has set up a disaster relief fund on the JustGiving platform specifically for people impacted by the explosion.

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Beit el Baraka

Beit el Baraka is a non-profit organisation based in Beirut that offers help to families and elderly people in Lebanon who are struggling with the cost of living.

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Lebanese Food Bank

The Lebanese Food Bank is a charity that fights hunger in Lebanon.

Donate to the Lebanese Food Bank


Atfalouna is a campaign that provides families with milk powder and diapers for their babies.

Donate to Atfalouna

Donate blood

For people in Lebanon, you can donate blood to the Lebanese Red Cross blood donation centres.

See a list of donation centre locations


People finder on Instagram

An Instagram account helping people find their loved ones in Beirut.

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House finder on Instagram

An Instagram account helping people find housing in Beirut.

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Thawra Map

A crowdsource map of Beirut showing available shelters.

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Urgent need of blood supplies

A website showing what blood types are needed by specific hospitals.

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