Our approach to delivering value is tried and tested, focusing on four key aspects.


As part of our commitment to collaboration, we always seek to engage with cross functional client teams throughout our projects. We also use software tools to share information with our clients and encourage engagement.


We bring a significant amount of innovation into all of our projects. We believe there are always better way to do things, and we continue to develop new frameworks for approaching complex problems.


When it comes to crisis response and security operations, it's critically important that any deliverables are easy to use and apply. If something isn't obvious, it's of no use to you in an incident. We design all of our products and deliverables with high levels of usability in mind.

Knowledge transfer

With all of our projects we aim to transfer our experience and know how to our clients. In the process, we always learn new insights from our clients.

Hong Kong, 2019

Hong Kong. December 2019. Photo credit: Grant Rayner


A snapshot of recent projects, where our team has supported some of the world's leading organisations in some of the world's most challenging (and interesting) environments.

Feb 2020

South Korea

We deployed to Seoul at in late February, just as the COVID-19 epidemic in the country was peaking in Daegu. We supported our client to develop preparedness and mitigation frameworks, draft key policies, and support their crisis communication efforts.

Dec 2019

Sri Lanka

We worked with a consortium to review the physical security of one of the most ambitious mixed use developments in Sri Lanka. We assisted our client to align physical security measures with risk, establish standards, and identify opportunities to reduce cost.

Nov 2019


We provided customised training to a global NGO to enable their team members to operate more safely and effectively in complex international environments.

Nov 2019

Hong Kong

We provided a crisis simulation exercise and a series of tailored experiential learning sessions for one of Hong Kong's most well known organisations. We did this during a period of rapidly escalating civil unrest, making the exercises highly relevant.

Oct 2019


In support of a group of international clients, we conducted security and safety assessments of hotels in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore. This is part of our Project SAFE HAVEN initiative.

Sep 2019

Asia Region

We assisted a client to redesign their incident response documentation for the region, focusing on highly usable documents that can be effectively used in a crisis.

Jul 2019


We reviewed the physical security of one of the most prominent commercial buildings in Jakarta, guiding the client on practical and cost effective measures to mitigate the risk from terrorism.

Jul 2019

Sri Lanka

After the Easter Day terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, we reviewed a client's footprint in Colombo and guided them on their plans to re-establish operations in the country.

Jun 2019


Working with a group of clients, we conducted security and safety assessments of 11 hotel properties in Dhaka. This is part of our Project SAFE HAVEN initiative.

Apr 2019

Sri Lanka

Our operations team flew into Colombo immediately after the Easter Day terrorist attacks to assess the situation and provide situation updates to clients seeking to maintain continuity.

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