Spartan9 Dispatch for April 2024

This month - Applications, Crisis Exercise Kits, and Station XV bags


What we’ve been doing, where we’ve been travelling, and what’s next.

No travel this month as I’ve been focused on project work, fulfilling bag orders, and working on applications.

Crisis Exercise Kits

Our Crisis Exercise Kits save you the time and effort of having to design your own desktop crisis exercises.

These kits distil 24 years of crisis response and crisis exercise experience into a simple-to-use package designed to save you time and effort. The kits integrate many of the tools and techniques we use when we design and deliver crisis simulation exercises for our clients.

We have the following packs available for purchase now:

  • Terrorist attack
  • Civil unrest
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Missing traveller

Each Crisis Exercise Kit comes with a presentation deck that includes an exercise briefing, six exercise serials, and notes on evaluation and debriefing the team. Alongside the presentation deck we provide a comprehensive set of facilitator notes. This document provides detailed guidance for the facilitator, broken down by serial. We also provide an exercise preparation guide and a team self evaluation template. In short, everything you need to run a professional exercise.

The Crisis Exercise Kits are available for US $250 each or as a set of five for US $975.

If you’re interested in a turnkey solution for desktop style crisis exercises, you’ll find our Crisis Exercise Kits to be a cost effective and high-quality solution that will save you days of time.


Training workshops and customised training solutions.

Crisis Response Fundamentals

Crisis Response Fundamentals is designed to teach crisis team members the basics of managing a crisis effectively.

In this workshop, participants learn how to:

  • Implement a crisis management process
  • Collect and analyse information during a crisis
  • Prioritise and delegate tasks during a crisis
  • Allocate and manage resources during a crisis
  • Engage and communicate with stakeholders during a crisis

Throughout the workshop, participants will explore real-life case studies and will be able to apply their newly acquired skills in a hands-on exercise.

The workshop is valuable for incident and crisis management teams for organisations of all sizes.

If your organisation would be interested in participating in the Crisis Response Fundamentals workshop, please reach out.


Updates on our applications.


Whistler is a simple and secure whistleblowing application that enables organisations to receive and manage confidential reports from whistleblowers. I’ve been running Whistler since 2015 and have recently finished a complete rewrite of the application, improving the following:

  • Report encryption has been upgraded from AE-128 to AES-256.
  • SMS notifications have been replaced with email notifications.
  • There’s now a Primary Account Holder dashboard.
  • Primary Account Holders can now send test reports.
  • Reports can now be archived and deleted.
  • Reports can now be added to cases, which can be managed within the application.

If you’re looking for a simple and secure whistleblowing solution for your company, please reach out and I can either provide a demo or set you up for a trial. If you know of anyone who might be interested in Whistler, please send them my way.

You can learn more here.

Incident Manager Application

The new update to Incident Manager is up on production.

There are a few things to fix before it’s ready to formally launch.

If you’d be interested in a demo, please reach out and we can set up a call.


As if I’m not busy enough, I started work this month on a new application called Tenacio. Tenacio is a project management application that tells you what to do next. It does this based on deadlines, your activity preferences, and when you prefer to work on certain activities. It’s simple to use but clever under the hood. No AI, just some smart programming.

I’m building this for myself to make sense of my priorities across a diverse range of projects, but I bet it will be useful for a bunch of people. I’ll launch after testing.


Updates on our in-house gear, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at our design and manufacturing processes.

Station XV launched into the world on 1 April with the Street Series.

We’ve received a bunch of orders for bags, so a sincere thank you to everyone who has ordered so far.

While designing and building bags is fun, I’m learning the harsh realities of order fulfilment and global logistics.

Next month, I’ll be releasing a few new bags from the Travel Series, including the Travel Duffel and the Travel Folio. I’ll also be releasing the Camera Module.

If you’d like to learn more about Station XV, please check out the website or reach out directly. Always happy to talk about bags. I’ve also written a short article on Medium about the launch of Station XV. You can check it out here


We’ve published a number of books on crisis management, travel security and security evacuations.

Migration of Books to Shopify

I’ve completed the migration of my e-books to Shopify.

For those of you who have already purchased books via the old platform, if you happen to e-misplace a book, just reach out and I’ll verify your past purchase and send you a download link to the book on the new platform.

There’s no change to the Apple Books setup for those of you who prefer to purchase on Apple Books.

Dangerous Travels

The ‘Dangerous Travels’ book is now in the wild. 52 articles, 437 pages and around 100,000 words focused on travel security. With articles relevant for organisations and individuals, there really is something for everyone.

You can check out Dangerous Travels here.

Bulk Orders

Several highly regarded organisations (and one prestigious university) have purchased copies of our books for their teams. If your team would benefit from the knowledge and experience contained in our books, please reach out. We can provide discounts for bulk orders.


Links to interesting articles worth your time. This month: Russian information operations, Chinese sextortion, dating app murders, the use of facial recognition technology to target protestors, and other topics.

Kobold Letters. Why HTML emails are a risk to your organization (Lutra Security). Read here.

The Threat of a Solar Superstorm Is Growing—And We’re Not Ready. Someday an unlucky outburst from our sun could strike Earth and fry most of our electronics—and we’ve already had some too-close-for-comfort near misses. Read here.

How India’s democracy shapes its global role and relations with the West. A research paper written by an old colleague Dr Chietigj Bajpaee (Chatham House). Read here.

2024 AI Election Tracker. (Rest of World). Read here.

The strike on Iran’s consulate in Syria could be the spark that ignites the Middle East. Israel’s attack signalled a shift in its strategy towards Iran. Tehran’s response and the US promise of ‘ironclad’ support for Israel risks escalation of this transnational conflict (Chatham House). Read here.

Iran and the de-escalation myth. (Atlantic Council). Read here.

That’s it for this month, folks.

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there.

Grant Rayner


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