Project ARGONAUT is a program to plan and prepare for discreet evacuations of individuals and small groups from higher-risk locations.

We've re-looked at many of the challenges facing evacuation operations from higher-risk locations, and have re-written the playbook. Project ARGONAUT is a new approach to how we consider preparing for, and executing, evacuation operations.

Project ARGONAUT plans are pre-built for specific environments. All of the procedures are already in place, and all of the local support teams have been vetted and briefed.

Plans can be executed at a moment's notice, using local teams that are already familiar with the plan, routes, and contingencies.

Our approach factors in multiple layers of failure, incorporating local safe houses and support networks to ensure the safety of the evacuees in cases where they are unable to leave.

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Syria. February 2020.


Project SAFE HAVEN is a global directory of audited hotels and guest houses in higher-risk locations.

The objective of Project SAFE HAVEN is to provide a centralised directory of secure accommodation available to multiple organisations. This will enable them to ensure that their travellers are staying in the most secure accommodation available.

Each property is intensively audited, covering all aspects of security and resilience. Reports include comprehensive details of specific security measures, along with photos for context.

In 2019 we added 33 properties to our directory, covering Colombo, Dhaka, Islamabad, Lohore, and Karachi.

Post COVID-19 we will be adding additional hotels.

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Islamabad, Pakistan. October 2019


Project TREADSTONE is a global directory of security specialists, logistics coordinators, and otherwise useful contacts that we've developed to make your life a little easier.

Finding good talent can be a struggle, particularly in more obscure, remote, or higher-risk locations. We believe that there are great people out there that don't work in the large global vendor organisations. Our objective with Project TREADSTONE is to surface these people and make them more accessible.

Access to Project TREADSTONE is currently free, provided you belong to a legitimate organisation. Each new member must add five unique contacts as a condition of membership. This is not only an important show of commitment and solidarity, but it's also the only way we'll be able to build and sustain a viable directory.

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Syria. February 2020


Critical equipment delivered to you no matter where you are in the world.

Project HERMES delivers a pack of critical equipment to your door anywhere in the world. Project HERMES packs are modular and can be configured based on your specific requirements. Equipment is selected based on quality, performance, weight, and durability.

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