Security Evacuations

We can help your organisation to plan for rapid escalations of risk, ensuring you're able to protect your employees and their families during dangerous periods.

Why choose us?

Meticulous planning and a proven track record

We have a proven track record in the planning and execution of exfiltration and evacuation operations from complex environments. Notable evacuations include working with a European embassy in Kathmandu to extract trekkers by vehicle and helicopter from remote parts of Nepal after the major earthquake in April 2015. In September 2021, we planned and executed the exfiltration of family members of an International NGO from Afghanistan.

We are extremely diligent with our planning, and our approach to risk management during evacuation execution ensures we minimise risk to people during the operation itself.

Also, we've literally written the book on security evacuations.


Build competence

Decision Making for Security Evacuations

Enhance your ability to make informed decisions in high-stress situations with our engaging and practical Decision Making for Security Evacuations workshop. Learn how to use different frameworks to determine the optimal time to evacuate people from a crisis location, ensuring their safety and minimising risks.

3 hours · Learn more

Executing Security Evacuations

Enhance your ability to coordinate and execute security evacuations with our hands-on Executing Security Evacuations workshop. Learn how to safely manage evacuations by air, land, and sea while ensuring the security of evacuees in high-pressure situations.

3 hours · Learn more

Planning Security Evacuations

Build the skills to effectively plan and execute security evacuations in various situations with our interactive and immersive workshop. Learn the essentials of assessing resources, developing evacuation plans, and preparing for contingencies to ensure the safety of individuals during critical events.

3 hours · Learn more

Customised training

If you'd like to focus on a specific aspect of security evacuations, we can customise a training workshop to meet your unique requirements.


Build experience

Evacuation Execution Exercise

We can help you stress test your existing evacuation plans by designing and delivering an evacuation execution exercise. The exercise will model real-world conditions. We'll incorporate a range of contingencies into the exercise, ensuring the evacuation plan is properly tested. At the end of the exercise, we'll provide a debrief to the team. We'll also provide a short exercise report that incorporates recommendations for improving the evacuation plan.

Customised Exercises

In addition to our standard exercise workshops, we can also design and deliver customised exercises to enable your teams to plan and execute specific evacuation plans under realistic conditions.


Build solid foundations

Evacuation Planning

We can prepare evacuation plans for specific contexts.

Our approach to evacuation planning processes is extremely thorough, ensuring we can deliver robust evacuation plans that will work when you need them to. We also offer ready-made solutions for some locations(learn more below).

Evacuation Decision Making

We can help you to develop decision-making frameworks to ensure you can make timely decisions in situations where there are escalating levels of risk. These frameworks will help reduce the likelihood that you'll be caught flat footed by events and inadvertently place your people at risk.

Evacuation Execution

When it comes time to execute an evacuation, we can provide impartial advice to help guide you along the way and ensure you avoid common pitfalls. If you would like us to manage the evacuation process, we can do so. See below for details.

Country Evacuation Plans

Save time and money

We've developed a comprehensive suite of products and services to support contingency planning and evacuation for South Korea and Taiwan.

These contingency plans include all the necessary procedures and supporting materials your organisation will need to safely evacuate your employees and their families. The plans include: decision-support tools, detailed operational plans, contingency plans, briefing templates and other materials. The plans are designed so that it will take a minimum amount of effort to tailor them to your organisation's operating context.

Learn more here.


Getting the job done

We can plan and execute the evacuation of your employees and their families from locations where they are vulnerable to active threats.

Our evacuation services are focused on the specific needs of individual clients. We do not conduct mass evacuations. Rather, our approach emphasises discreet evacuations that are conducted quickly and quietly. Even if you already have a service provider for evacuations, you’ll likely find our insights and approach valuable.

Our team has a proven track record of extracting people from difficult situations. We apply methodical planning and a granular approach to risk management to ensure your people are not placed at risk during the operation.

"Grant led the successful evacuation of thirty of our employee family members from Afghanistan in the midst of conflict and uncertainty in Aug-Sept 2021. Grant seamlessly created and mobilized a powerful local and global network to get our people to safety. He was a reassuring voice of expertise for family members and organizational leaders at a dangerous time when we faced unique risks unlike anything we'd faced before. With Grant as our trusted advisor, we kept the wellbeing of our families at the core of our evacuation effort by land and air. All thirty individuals reached safety through Grant's leadership and influence, including many children under the age of five. We are grateful."

—Board Member of International NGO


Build knowledge

The Security Evacuation Handbook Vol I - Fundamentals & Planning

Volume I of the The Security Evacuation Handbook introduces you to the subject of security evacuations and walks you through the process of planning an evacuation.

USD $28.95

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The Security Evacuation Handbook Vol II - Decision Making & Execution

Volume I of the The Security Evacuation Handbook focuses on decision-making and execution of security evacuations.

USD $28.95

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