Empowering organisations to navigate complex risks

We offer a tailored suite of products and services designed to help organisations to effectively manage risk in demanding environments and situations.

Crisis Management

Prepare for and respond effectively to complex crisis events.

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Travel Security

Protect your travellers and be ready to respond to traveller emergencies.

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Security Evacuations

Plan and execute discreet evacuations from complex and higher-risk environments.

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Intrusion Testing

Discover and rectify security vulnerabilities through practical physical intrusion testing.

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Latest Updates

S9 Dispatch for March 2023

We've just published our S9 Dispatch newsletter for March 2023.

This month: Contingency planning in Taiwan, training workshops, gear updates, links to our latest articles, plus an update on The Field Guide to Information Security.

31 Mar 2023 · View on Substack

S9 Dispatch for February 2023

We've just published our S9 Dispatch newsletter for February 2023.

This month: Rest and recovery, website updates, evacuation planning, training workshops, a gear review (!), and links to our latest articles.

28 Feb 2023 · View on Substack

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Latest articles

Leave No Trace (Higher-Risk Edition)

How you can manage your footprint when traversing higher-risk environments.

02 Jun 2022 · Read now

Exploiting Poor Security Design

How to gain entry to some facilities without defeating existing security systems, simply by taking advantage of poor security design.

26 Jan 2022 · Read now

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