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Street_Satchel Mk I DCF

The Street_Satchel Mk I DCF is a lightweight and discreet satchel made from Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF), UHMWPE accessory tabs, custom YKK zips and a 40mm polyester sling.


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Street_Satchel Mk I ULTRA

The Street_Satchel Mk I ULTRA is a lightweight and discreet satchel made from Challenge ULTRA fabric, UHMWPE accessory tabs, custom YKK zips and a 40mm polyester sling.


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Design Philosophy

We design gear with a specific philosophy in mind. This design philosophy is infused into every aspect of the gear we design and build.


Our gear is built to be ignored. Nothing flashy. Nothing eye catching. Easily forgotten (except by you).

Hard wearing

We've selected the strongest and lightest materials in their class. Our gear is resistant to abrasion, tearing and other abuse.


We've considered weight in every design element. Each fabric, strap or component is as light as it needs to be.


We've developed a small ecosystem of modular components that extend the utility of our bags.

Replaceable parts

All wearing parts are replaceable. As we improve on aspects of design, you'll be able to upgrade your gear.

Iteration with use

We use our own bags exclusively. This living field test provides us the feedback we need to continually improve our products.

Weather resistant

All of our gear anticipates poor weather. Even if you're not ready for a sudden downpour, your gear will be.

Attention to detail

We've paid attention to every aspect of design and materials, from the major features to the smallest stitch.

Designed to outlive you

Our gear is designed for the long haul. All materials are selected for longevity under difficult conditions. Your bag may even outlive you.

Shaped by experience

We build what we need and use what we build

We've been working in the field since 1989.

The last 34 years have taught us a thing or two about what works and what doesn't work.

We don't just make gear for you. We make it for us.

Ordering, Payments and Shipping

Limited production, pre-order only

We’re making our products in limited quantities.

For the moment, there's a limit of one bag in each style per order.

You can order by email using the buttons above. Once we receive your pre-order, we'll send you a Stripe invoice, which you can pay using credit card. As soon as we receive your payment, we'll either ship your bag or place your order in the production queue.

As we make to order, and will sometimes need to order new materials, there may be delays in shipping your order. We appreciate your patience.

Prices include registered international shipping.


We've built thoughtful and innovative technologies into our gear to increase their usefulness.


Our Hidden_Pocket feature is built into all of our gear. This is a simple but discreet pocket for you to store documents. The pocket is designed to make it difficult to detect using an X-Ray or during a cursory manual search.

There are no zips or closures on these sections to make them difficult to detect.

They’re also ‘deniable’, in the sense that—if found—they won’t seem like they’re designed not to be detected. Crafty but not too crafty.


A quick-release mechanism that enables a strap to be quickly released to either drop the bag or to free the wearer from entanglement.


Reinforced handles designed to drag the bag (and the person carrying the bag) without breaking.


We select materials based on their utility and performance

During design and prototyping, we experimented with dozens of fabrics - Cordura, HyperD, Robic Ripstop Nylon, X-Pac, different grades of DCF, and others. We've narrowed down to two types of fabric that use Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) material of different types and grades.

Other materials include customised YKK zips, acetal hardware and Fidlock magnetic fasteners.

More details are provided on the respective product pages.

Our gear is not Mil-Spec

'Mil-Spec' is an overused term used to make civilian gear appear 'tough'. Mil-Spec equipment tends to be heavy and over built. The weight of cheap but durable fabrics, superfluous webbing and clips, and other hardware adds up.

Our gear is not Mil-Spec. Nothing we make is designed for combat operations. Instead, our gear is designed for years of sustained use in real-world environments.

In fact, we've expressly avoided making our gear appear tactical or military. The use of MOLLE, PALS and other military features make bags less discreet and is more likely to garner unwanted attention.

The kind of attention you'll get is probably not the kind you want.


Wash products by hand in water (30 deg C / 86 deg F) and air dry in the shade.