Intrusion Testing

We can help your organisation to identify physical security vulnerabilities, providing you the opportunity to fix these vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of avoidable incidents.

Why choose us?

We have been conducting physical intrusions for many years and have built up considerable experience in this specialised field. We have developed a unique approach to threat modelling that will ensure the intrusion test is realistic and that the feedback is valid. Our intrusion reports provide actionable recommendations that will help you to reduce security vulnerabilities. We take a comprehensive approach to risk management, minimising the risks inherent in physical intrusion tests.

We're also very sneaky, which is a prerequisite in this line of work.


Build competence

Planning Physical Intrusion Tests

Master the art of planning physical intrusion tests to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in your organisation. This hands-on workshop provides valuable insights into determining objectives, modeling threats, planning information collection activities, and executing a successful intrusion test.

3 hours · Learn more

Risk Management and Safety for Physical Intrusion Testing

Learn the essential skills to effectively manage risks associated with physical intrusion testing in this hands-on workshop. From identifying risks to mitigating potential hazards, this course covers all aspects of risk management for physical intrusion testing.

3 hours · Learn more

Surveillance and Reconnaissance for Physical Intrusion Testing

Develop your surveillance and reconnaissance skills for physical intrusion testing in this hands-on workshop. Learn various techniques and technologies to effectively gather information and support your physical intrusion tests.

3 hours · Learn more

Customised training

If you'd like to focus on a specific aspect of physical intrusion testing, we can customise a training workshop to meet your requirements.


Build solid foundations

Building Physical Intrusion Testing Programmes

Learn how to design cost-effective physical intrusion testing programmes that deliver value to your organisation and enhance the reputation of the security function. We can help shape your intrusion testing programmes to maximise benefits and minimise wasted resources.

Designing Measures of Effectiveness for Physical Intrusion Testing

We can help you to design tools so you're able to more accurately measure the effectiveness of physical intrusion tests and better qualify the observations and recommendations arising from the test. By doing so, you'll gain more benefit from conducting intrusion tests.


Getting the job done

Physical Intrusion Tests

We can plan and execute physical intrusion tests of your facilities designed to identify security vulnerabilities and provide clear recommendations to improve security.

We apply a thorough methodology to planning and executing physical intrusion tests, leaving nothing to chance.

Note that we are selective regarding which facilities we're prepared to test. We conduct our own risk assessment before agreeing to take on a project.

If you are considering conducting physical intrusion tests, contact us now to learn how we might be able to support your objectives.


Applied experience

Exploiting Poor Security Design

How to gain entry to some facilities without defeating existing security systems, simply by taking advantage of poor security design.

26 Jan 2022 · Read now

Employing Distraction and Diversion

How you can integrate distractions and diversions into your physical intrusion tests to enable you to access the facility and achieve your objectives.

25 Jan 2022 · Read now

Safety During Physical Intrusion Tests

Exploring the different aspects of safety you should consider during your physical intrusion tests

27 Dec 2021 · Read now

Using Overwatch to Support Physical Intrusing Testing

When to use overwatch, how to position overwatch, and how to communicate with overwatch during an intrusion.

22 Dec 2021 · Read now

Incorporating Reconnaissance and Surveillance

How to integrate surveillance and reconnaissance into your physical intrusion tests.

06 Aug 2021 · Read now

Testing Layers of Security

Exploring the value of testing multiple layers of security during an intrusion test.

23 Jul 2021 · Read now

Modelling the Threat

Why it's important to model a specific threat when conducting physical intrusion tests, and how to go about the process of establishing a valid threat model.

22 Jul 2021 · Read now

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