Crisis Response Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of crisis response with our engaging and interactive workshop. Build your confidence and develop essential skills for responding to crisis events effectively and efficiently.

3 hours

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Workshop specifics

What you will learn

In this dynamic workshop, you’ll discover how to:

Throughout the workshop, you’ll explore real-life case studies and participate in interactive group discussions, fostering knowledge exchange and team building among participants.

The workshop concludes with a hands-on exercise, allowing you to apply the newly acquired skills in a simulated crisis scenario.

Ideal attendees

This workshop is designed for members of crisis or incident management teams or those with responsibilities for responding to crisis events within their organisation.


No strict pre-requisites are required for this workshop.

Further learning

After completing this workshop, consider attending the Practical Crisis Communications workshop to expand your knowledge and skills.

Workshop resources

Participants will receive a comprehensive set of workshop notes, additional resources, and a curated crisis response toolkit, including checklists and communication templates. Note-taking during the workshop is encouraged.

Meet your instructor

Your instructor for this workshop has 23 years of crisis management experience in a combination of government, corporate and consulting roles. He has supporting clients during a broad range of crisis events, including major natural disasters, terrorist attacks, coups and armed conflict.

He is the author of The Crisis Response Handbook and has written multiple articles on the topic of crisis management.

With 23 years of crisis management experience across government, corporate, and consulting roles, your instructor has supported clients during various crisis events, including natural disasters, terrorist attacks, coups, and armed conflicts.

The author of The Crisis Response Handbook, your instructor has also contributed numerous articles on crisis management.

Additional details

Training format

This workshop can be conducted remotely via video or in-person at your office. To ensure an optimal learning experience, remote sessions have a limit of 8 to 18 participants.

Our informal training format encourages questions and fosters knowledge-sharing among peers.

Workshop location

We offer remote workshops via Zoom or in-person sessions at your office. Detailed instructions for using Zoom will be provided in advance.


The workshop will be delivered in English, and all course materials will also be in English.

Assessment & Certification

No formal assessment is required for this workshop. All participants who attend the full session will receive a certificate of completion.

Post-Workshop Support

We offer post-workshop support, such as follow-up consultations or email support, to address any questions or concerns that may arise after the workshop. This additional support can help reinforce the lessons learned and ensure the successful application of workshop concepts in real-life scenarios.


Pricing varies for remote and in-person training. Contact us for an exact quote based on your needs.

Discounts are available for clients booking multiple workshops within a calendar year or scheduling recurring quarterly, half-yearly, or annual workshops for their teams.

Booking your workshop

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For online training, we maintain a maximum of 18 participants per workshop to ensure an optimal learning environment.

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