The Contingency Planning Manual for Taiwan

A comprehensive reference for mitigating risks associated with major crisis events in Taiwan, including hostile military action.

By Grant Rayner

US $128

The Contingency Planning Manual for Taiwan provides detailed instructions for protecting your organisation’s employees and their families in Taiwan in the event of a major crisis, including hostile military action.

We initiated the development of this manual in August 2022, during Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Since then, we have continued to develop and refine the manual through research, consultation with clients, and time on the ground in Taiwan.

The manual steps you through the preparation process, guides you as to when you should make key decisions, and provides detailed operational plans for the execution of options to protect employees and their families.

The manual is designed so that it can be picked up and used with minimal modification. Alternatively, you can also use this manual as a head start for your own planning and preparation, extracting useful elements from the manual and tailoring them to your own requirements.


Table of contents

Part 1. Strategy and Policy

1.1 Evacuation concept

1.2 Operational factors

1.3 Personnel exposure

1.4 Leadership and decision making

1.5 Evacuation policies

Part 2. Decision-Making and Readiness

2.1 Decision support tools

2.2 Evacuation preparation

2.3 Evacuation readiness

Part 3. Operational Plans

3.1 Air Evacuation Plan

3.2 Emergency Evacuation Plan

3.3 Shelter-in-Place Plan

3.4 Domestic Relocation Plan

3.5 Government evacuations

First published 25 August 2023

126 pages

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