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Unwavering support in critical situations

Our team has a unique level of crisis management experience. We have a strong track record in delivering crisis management training and simulation exercises. We've supported well-respected international clients in multiple countries across the region. We've also been at the forefront of responding to some of the region's most critical incidents.

Above all, we can be relied upon to remain calm and collected, and to provide impartial and timely advice.

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Build competence

Crisis Response Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of crisis response with our engaging and interactive workshop. Build your confidence and develop essential skills for responding to crisis events effectively and efficiently.

3 hours · Learn more

Practical Crisis Communications

Master the art of crisis communication with our interactive and engaging workshop. Develop essential skills to communicate effectively and empathetically during crisis events, ensuring the well-being of your stakeholders and the reputation of your organization.

3 hours · Learn more

Customised training

If you'd like to focus on a specific aspect of crisis management, we can customise a training workshop to meet your requirements.


Build experience

Crisis simulation exercises provide your Crisis Teams with the opportunity to put theory into practice.

We can design and deliver exercises to build the competence of your Crisis Teams to respond to crisis events.

We have a unique level of experience in designing and delivering crisis simulation exercises. We've conducted over 120 crisis simulation exercises in over a dozen countries.

If you're interested in learning more about our approach to the design and delivery of crisis simulation exercises, you can read our book on the subject.

Contact us now to learn more about how our crisis simulation exercises can improve the capability of your organisation's Crisis Teams.

Crisis Exercise Kits

Do it yourself

Our Crisis Exercise Kits save you the time and effort of having to design your own crisis exercises.

These kits distill 23 years of crisis response and crisis exercise experience into a simple-to-use package. The kits include many of the tools and techniques we use when we design and deliver crisis simulation exercises for our clients.

We have the following packs available for purchase now:

All Crisis Exercise Kits come with a Foundation Pack that includes facilitator notes, briefing decks, evaluation tools and questionnaires. Everything you need to run a professional exercise.

Contact us now for a demonstration of the kits and for current pricing.


Build solid foundations

We can assist you to build a robust crisis response capability. We can guide you in structuring teams, and developing policies and procedures. We can also help you to develop the essential tools necessary to support those procedures.


There when you need us

We can support you during a crisis, leveraging our many years of experience to help you to navigate the incident and minimise risk.

There are several ways we can support you. You can call us for advice over the phone. We can send someone to your office to work directly with your Crisis Team or Executive Team. Alternatively, we can send people to the scene of the incident.

Our team has supported clients during a host of critical incidents, from terrorist attacks in Jakarta in 2003 and the Asian Tsunami in 2004, to the major earthquake in Nepal in 2015 and terrorist attacks in Colombo in 2019.


Build knowledge


Recently published


A compendium of 51 articles exploring the topic of crisis management.

$9.95 · View now

The Contingency Planning Manual for Taiwan

Recently published

The Contingency Planning Manual for Taiwan

A comprehensive reference for mitigating risks associated with major crisis events in Taiwan, including hostile military action.

$128 · View now

The Crisis Response Handbook

The Crisis Response Handbook

The comprehensive guide to building resilient organisations, equipping readers with practical tools and techniques for effective crisis response in an unpredictable world.

$18.95 · View now

The Crisis Simulation Handbook

The Crisis Simulation Handbook

The Crisis Simulation Handbook explains how to plan, design and deliver world-class crisis simulation exercises.

$28.95 · View now

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Applied experience

51CM on Substack

In 2022, we wrote 51 articles on crisis management. You can access the archive here. We've compiled these articles into a book, available here.

How to Effectively Conduct Remote Crisis Simulation Exercises

Observations regarding conducting crisis simulation exercises via video conferencing applications.

02 Feb 2021 · Read now

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