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Nepal Contingency Response

Operational support designed to enable organisations to protect their employees and families after the major earthquake in Nepal.

In response to the major earthquake in Nepal, we’ve developed several products and services to assist our clients to manage risk.

Accommodation Safety Assessments

We’ve conducted detailed assessments of several hotels and guest houses in Kathmandu.

Each assessment contains a detailed evaluation of the damage to the hotel caused by the earthquake, the status of engineering inspections, along with a summary assessment regarding whether the hotel is safe.

Evacuation Services

We can plan and execute the evacuation of your employees and their family members from remote areas of Nepal.

We have access to commercial helicopters and vehicles capable of accessing remote areas, including the Langtang Valley.

Update: Our capacity is currently fully taken up with support to embassies and insurance clients, and we have limited capacity to support individual corporate clients. We will, however, assist on a best effort basis.

Note: This service is no longer available.

Handholding Services

We can meet with your employees and their families and assess their emotional state and determine whether they require additional support. We can also guide as to whether they are safe in their current accommodation.

We are able coordinate transport for your employees and families from their hotel to the airport. Note that airport operations are over capacity. Flights are frequently cancelled or delayed and the airport passenger terminal is overcrowded.

Note: This service is no longer available.