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Sri Lanka Contingency Response

Operational support designed to enable organisations to protect their employees and families after the Easter Day terrorist attacks in Colombo.

In response to the Easter Day terrorist attacks in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we’ve developed several products and services to assist our clients to manage risk.

Colombo Hotel Security Assessments

We’ve conducted detailed assessments of 13 hotels and guest houses in Colombo.

These hotel assessments are available in a secure online workspace.

Each assessment contains a detailed evaluation of the hotel’s security measures against terrorism, including measures protecting against vehicles containing explosives, and explosives or weapons carried on the person.

We provide clear recommendations regarding which hotels are safe and which are not.

Update: These assessments have been updated during additional visits in July 2019, December 2019, and January 2020.

Note: This workspace is now archived.

Risk Exposure Assessments

We can assess your organisation’s risk exposure in Colombo, based on your locations and activities.

As part of these assessments, we can survey your offices and expatriate residences.

Note: This service is no longer available.