The Crisis Response Handbook

The Crisis Response Handbook

By Grant Rayner

US $18.95

First published 28 February 2021

Updated to Version 2 on 9 April 2022

ISBN: 978-981-18-0455-7

214 pages

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The Crisis Response Handbook explains how to prepare for, and respond to, crisis events.

This handbook first explains how to build and maintain a robust crisis response capability. Without having a strong foundation in place—including teams, policies, plans and preparedness—an organisation won’t be able to respond to a crisis.

From there, the handbook focuses on how to effectively respond to a crisis event. The last chapter shares techniques and ‘best practices’ learned over 20 years of practicing crisis response.

Written specifically for people who are members of Crisis Response Teams, this handbook provides you the processes, tools and techniques essential to be able to successfully respond to a crisis.


Table of contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Principles
  3. Building a Capability
  4. Crisis Response Teams
  5. The Crisis Operations Centre
  6. Crisis Response Policies
  7. Crisis Response Plans
  8. Crisis Preparation
  9. Crisis Response
  10. Crisis Response Techniques
  11. Conclusion

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The Crisis Handbook Bundle

The Crisis Handbook Bundle

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This bundle includes The Crisis Response Handbook and the Crisis Simulation Handbook.

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