The Crisis Simulation Handbook

The Crisis Simulation Handbook

By Grant Rayner

US $28.95

First published 31 January 2021

Updated to Version 3 on 28 February 2022

ISBN: 978-981-18-0093-1

433 pages

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The Crisis Simulation Handbook explains how to plan, design and deliver world-class crisis simulation exercises.

This handbook is a technical reference for professionals, breaking down the processes of exercise planning, design and delivery.

Chapter 1 introduces the concept of crisis simulation exercises and the essential role they have in building a crisis response capability.

Chapter 2 focuses on planning, sharing insights on how to plan and schedule crisis simulation exercises either as a consultant or within your own organisation.

Chapter 3 gets into detail regarding exercise design, explaining how to model crisis team interactions, select a workable scenario, break down the scenario into situations, build the exercise storyboard and write the exercise script.

Chapter 4 breaks down the different aspects of delivering a crisis simulation exercise, revealing insights into key roles, exercise briefings, facilitation and managing interactions.

Chapter 5 focuses on what happens after an exercise, including evaluations and reports. We also go into depth regarding team performance.

Written specifically for crisis managers and consultants working in an international context, this handbook provides insights into how to successfully design and deliver crisis simulation exercises in cross-cultural contexts.


Table of contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Exercise Planning
  3. Exercise Design
  4. Exercise Delivery
  5. Post Exercise Activities
  6. Conclusion

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