The Field Guide to Personal Security

The Field Guide to Personal Security

By Grant Rayner

US $9.99

First published 28 August 2020

Updated to Version 3 on 28 November 2022

ISBN: 978-981-14-7625-9

102 pages

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The second installment of our Field Guide series, The Field Guide to Personal Security is focused on ensuring that you can stay safe while operating on the ground in complex and higher-risk environments.

The Field Guide to Personal Security covers a broad range of situations, risks and threats. You’ll learn about the essential aspects of deployment preparation, including what protective equipment and communications equipment you may require. From there, you’ll learn how to orientate to your new environment. You’ll be especially vulnerable during this period, so it’s important you plan your activities to minimise these vulnerabilities. You’ll learn what actions you can take to stay safe while in your accommodation, while on the streets and while driving.

Shifting up a notch, you’ll learn about the risks of protests and riots, and how to stay safe in situations where non-lethal weapons and riot control agents are being used. You’ll also learn how to avoid, detect and evade hostile surveillance, and how to navigate a range of petty corruption scenarios. Finally, you’ll learn how to respond to confrontation in the streets, including how to deal with armed engagements.

This field guide is essential reading for anyone travelling to higher-risk locations.


Table of contents


  1. Planning And Preparation
  2. Protective Equipment
  3. Communications
  4. Arrival
  5. Security At Your Accommodation
  6. Security On The Streets
  7. Security While Driving
  8. Protests and Riots
  9. Surveillance
  10. Navigating Corruption
  11. Managing Confrontation End notes

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The Field Guide Series Bundle

The Field Guide Series Bundle

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This bundle includes all four volumes of the Field Guide series, including The Field Guide to Deployment Planning, The Field Guide to Personal Security, The Field Guide to Accommodation Security, and The Field Guide to Transport Security.

All Field Guides in this bundle are in PDF format.

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