Planning Physical Intrusion Tests

Master the art of planning physical intrusion tests to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in your organisation. This hands-on workshop provides valuable insights into determining objectives, modeling threats, planning information collection activities, and executing a successful intrusion test.

3 hours

Workshop specifics

What you will learn

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Determine appropriate objectives for an intrusion test
  • Model the threat
  • Plan information collection activities
  • Plan an intrusion
  • Convey the details of your plan to your client

The workshop includes practical exercises where participants will have the opportunity to plan an intrusion test against an actual facility.

Ideal attendees

This workshop is perfect for individuals who conduct physical intrusion tests and seek to further develop their practical knowledge and skills.


There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.

Further learning

After completing this workshop, participants should consider attending the Risk Management and Safety for Physical Intrusion Tests and Surveillance and Reconnaissance for Physical Intrusion Testing workshops to continue their professional development.

Workshop resources

Participants will receive a comprehensive set of workshop notes, additional resources, and a curated toolkit for planning and executing physical intrusion tests. This toolkit includes checklists and templates. Note-taking during the workshop is encouraged.

Meet your instructor

Your instructor for this workshop has 35 years of security experience in a combination of government, corporate security, and security consulting roles. He has conducted numerous physical intrusion tests, including tests against high-security facilities within the region. He has written multiple articles on the topic of physical intrusion testing.

Additional details

Training format

This workshop can be conducted remotely via video or in-person at your office. To ensure an optimal learning experience, remote sessions have a limit of 8 to 18 participants.

Our informal training format encourages questions and fosters knowledge-sharing among peers.

Workshop location

We offer remote workshops via Zoom or in-person sessions at your office. Detailed instructions for using Zoom will be provided in advance.


The workshop will be delivered in English, and all training materials will also be in English.

Assessment & Certification

No formal assessment is required for this workshop. All participants who attend the full session will receive a certificate of completion.

Post-Workshop Support

We offer post-workshop support, such as follow-up consultations or email support, to address any questions or concerns that may arise after the workshop. This additional support can help reinforce the lessons learned and ensure the successful application of workshop concepts in real-life scenarios.


Pricing varies for remote and in-person training. Contact us for an exact quote based on your needs.

Discounts are available for clients booking multiple workshops within a calendar year or scheduling recurring quarterly, half-yearly, or annual workshops for their teams.

Booking your workshop

To book this workshop for your organization, please register your interest using the button below.

Include the number of participants, preferred date and time, and your desired venue for in-person training.

For online training, we maintain a maximum of 18 participants per workshop to ensure an optimal learning environment.

This workshop has been designed for organisations. If you are interested in participating in our workshops as an individual, please check out our other services at Grey Catalyst.

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