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Taiwan Contingency Planning

Workspace, manual and workshops designed to prepare organisations for the possibility of armed conflict in Taiwan.

Over the past year, we’ve been working on several products and services to assist our clients to plan for contingencies impacting Taiwan.

Taiwan Contingency Planning Workspace

The Taiwan Contingency Planning Workspace is a secure online workspace that’s accessible to subscribing organisations.

The Workspace contains a wealth of information that you can readily adapt for your own purposes.

The details in this workspace have utility outside of a conflict scenario. Many of the protocols can also be applied to other major incidents, such as earthquakes, typhoons and radiological incidents.

We’re regularly updating this workspace as the situation changes and with the support of participating clients.


Part 1. Strategy and Policy

1.1 Evacuation concept

1.2 Operational factors

1.3 Personnel exposure

1.4 Leadership and decision making

1.5 Evacuation policies

Part 2. Decision-Making and Readiness

2.1 Decision support tools

2.2 Evacuation preparation

2.3 Evacuation readiness

Part 3. Operational Plans

3.1 Air Evacuation Plan

3.2 Emergency Evacuation Plan

3.3 Shelter-in-Place Plan

3.4 Domestic Relocation Plan

3.5 Government evacuations

Each section includes a MS Word template, allowing you to download and adapt the section for your own organisation.

Operational Plans

The workspace includes detailed operational plans for the following actions:

  • Shelter in place
  • Domestic relocation by road
  • International evacuation by air

Each of these plans are sufficiently robust to be taken and used as is. Alternatively, you can download the corresponding template and adjust the contents to fit your organisation’s specific requirements.

The domestic relocation plan includes detailed route descriptions and assessments of the cross-island roads. This information is based on route assessments conducted in March 2023.

Tools and Templates

The workspace includes the following tools and templates:

  • Evacuee Manifest
  • Site Evacuation Preparation spreadsheet
  • Evacuation Briefing Templates
  • Movement Coordination Worksheets
  • Briefing templates

We’ve included detailed briefing templates for each stage of evacuation readiness, each stage of an air evacuation, and for shelter-in-place and domestic relocation scenarios.

References and Analysis

We’ve included a collection of links to analyst reports on the China-Taiwan situation. These reports provide a useful reference for your own planning.


The Workspace is accessible for a one-time fee of US $2,500. This is a fraction of the cost of what this product would cost if delivered on a consultancy basis.

If you have purchased The Contingency Planning Manual for Taiwan, then decide you want to upgrade to the Taiwan Contingency Planning Workspace, we’ll deduct the cost of the manual from the cost of the Taiwan Contingency Planning Workspace.

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The Contingency Planning Manual for Taiwan

The Contingency Planning Manual for Taiwan provides detailed instructions for protecting your organisation’s employees and their families in Taiwan in the event of a major crisis, including hostile military action.

We initiated the development of this manual in August 2022, during Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Since then, we have continued to develop and refine the manual through research, consultation with clients, and surveys on the ground in Taiwan.

The manual steps you through the preparation process, guides you as to when you should make key decisions, and provides detailed operational plans for the execution of options to protect employees and their families.

The manual is designed so that it can be picked up and used with minimal modification. Alternatively, you can also use this manual as a head start for your own planning and preparation, extracting useful elements from the manual and tailoring them to your own requirements.

Available for purchase now for $128.

What's the difference between the manual and the workspace?

The information in the workspace is aligned with the information in the manual.

The Workspace includes the following:

  • Additional detail (for example, relating to international flight operations, visas requirements for international safe havens, and civil defence shelters)
  • Downloadable MS Word versions of each section, making it easy to tailor to your own needs
  • Downloadable MS Excel tools (evacuee manifest, movement coordination worksheets, etc.)
  • Briefing templates
  • Links to analytical reports

The information in the workspace is occasionally updated based on changes in the situation and input from members. The manual won’t be regularly updated and won’t necessarily contain the latest information.

If you purchase the manual, then decide you want to upgrade to the workspace, we’ll deduct the cost of the manual from the cost of the workspace.

Taiwan Contingency Planning Workshop

The Taiwan Contingency Planning Workshop will help your organisation develop its own contingency plans for Taiwan.

During the workshop, we’ll orientate you to the situation and introduce you to the challenges you’ll face when planning and executing different contingency response options.

The workshop covers the following:

  • Policies relating to evacuation eligibility and prioritisation
  • Roles and responsibilities, and decision-making authority
  • Decision-making frameworks and triggers
  • Preparation and readiness
  • The constraints and limitations impacting evacuation
  • Viable evacuation options
  • Practical considerations for shelter-in-place options
  • Practical considerations for domestic relocation options

We’ll also share the results of our on-the-ground assessments, including details of the cross-island routes.

The standard duration of the workshop is 2 hours. We can customise the content for different client requirements.

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Tailored Taiwan Contingency Planning Solutions

If your organisation has specific planning requirements, we can work with you to develop tailored contingency plans.

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